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ECEn 560: Electromagnetic Wave Theory

ECEN 560 Schedule - Winter 2016
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Date  Topic  Homework  Notes 
Propagation in Media
Jan. 5 Introduction HW1 Review, Links
7 (No class) HW2 Anisotropic
12 Anisotropic Media, Uniaxial media HW3 Examples
14 Gyrotropic, bianisotropic media HW4
Green's Functions, Radiation, Antennas
19 Green's functions - Helmholtz equation HW5 Scalar
21 Green's functions - Maxwell's equation HW6 Maxwell
26 Dyadic Green's function HW7 Dyadic, Far Field
28 Far field, antennas HW8 Antennas
Feb. 2 Antenna parameters, linear antennas Arrays
4 Exam 1 (in class) practice Review
9 Linear arrays, Dolph-Chebyshev arrays, Pattern Synthesis Elliot Hansen (no class, but complete HW9 for Thursday) HW9 Arrays 2
11 Dipole in layered media HW10 Layered Media
16 (No class - Monday instruction)
18 Dipole in layered media HW11 Layered Media R/T
23 Contour integration HW12 Complex
25 Asymptotic integration HW13 Asymptotic
Mar. 1 Vertical magnetic dipole HW14 VMD
Theorems and Principles
3 Uniqueness, duality, and image theorems, equivalence principle HW15 Theorems
8 Reaction and reciprocity HW16 Reciprocity
10 Reaction and reciprocity HW17 Green Theorem Paper Reciprocity 2
15 Huygens' principle HW18 Huygens
17 Fresnel diffraction HW19 Diffraction Lithography
22 Fraunhofer diffraction, Gaussian beams, exam review Review, HW20 Gaussian
Exam 2 (Testing Center, March 28-30) practice
24 Gaussian beams, lithography, scattering
29 Scattering HW21 Scattering
31 Scattering, review exam HW22 Scattering 2
Apr. 5 Metamaterials
7 Special topics HW23 Nanoelectromagnetics
12 Review for Final Nanoelectromagnetics, THz Papers
18 Final exam (in class, 2:30-5:30pm)

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